Flair Bartending Course

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Learn to Enhance Your Bartending Skills Online!

Professional Bartending School will train you on-line in additional skills via videos on how to add Flair to your career and will surely increase your income.


Professional Bartenders School’s On-line Flair Bartenders Course is the first and only On-line Flair Bartending training program. Work with straws to coasters, tins to glassware, garnish and liquor bottles, these hands-on videos will teach any level of bartender how to toss, flip and spin their way into HUGE TIPS.

Flair Bartending Course

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New bartender students learn the basics of bartending while more experienced customers hone their skills during flair course

  • Video Bartending Course: for beginners who end up as a professional with a certificate.
  • Flair Bartending Course: for more advanced bartenders; they learn advanced skills, such as bottle flipping.
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