Coffee Recipes for Spring

Just Add THC or CBD extracts to any recipe

There’s no better feeling than perfecting a new coffee recipe that helps you look forward to the start of each new day. 

Keep reading through the following list as we highlight some of the fantastic and refreshing coffee recipes that you can try out to get you in the spring feeling.

Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana

Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana With the legalization of cannabis (also known as ‘marijuana’) a hot topic across the U.S., it might seem relevant to dig deeper into some of the proven health benefits associated with the drug. It is important to distinguish between the two main active chemicals found in cannabis: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is […]


We are proud to offer our expanded curriculum to include the Budtender Course, you need to stay abreast of this rapidly changing industry. The options for work in the cannabis field ranges from farming and growing to the running of your own dispensary business. It is forecasted that jobs and products are on a growth […]