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Edibles Course

You’ve come to the right place! Online course in how to cook with cannabis, a new addition to our curriculum. In this course you will learn how to make cannabis oil, marijuana butter and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and deserts.

How To – Cook with Cannabis

  1.  Cooking with marijuana infused foods
  2.  Marijuana Breakfast Egg Recipes Part 1
  3.  Marijuana Breakfast Egg Recipes Part 2
  4. Mac and Cheese Meal With Marijuana
  5. Spaghetti Marijuana Recipes
  6. Desert Recipes with Marijuana

Cannabis is legal in many states across the country.  We are finally allowed to legally grow our own cannabis! We teach you how to cook with Cannabis. Fun and interactive class room instruction. Space is limited in our popular one-week class. Be sure to reserve your spot now.

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